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Kimono Dressing

Kimono Dressing

Enjoy Japanese culture with plenty of fun.

The Kimono, representing Japanese culture, is well known even abroad. In the class, a participant chooses one favorite kimono out of 30 for wear, and then, he or she will go out in the kimono. It's easy to be a real tourist in a kimono.
Create a great memory by having your picture taken wearing a kimono. Make your memories last by posting pictures from your trip on social media.

Participants will be immersed in Japanese culture.
Participating only in kimono dressing class is acceptable.




Inform the staff at the reception that you would like to participate in the kimono.
English speaking staff will attend to you.
A kimono shop is located right in front of the sightseeing pier in the heart of the Matsushima tourism area.

Pick and try on your kimono

Pick your kimono

No need to bring anything with you.

To begin with, pick your kimono which suits your taste out of 200 choices.

Actually put on the kimono while following the instructions.
No worries as a professional will help you put on the kimono.

Exciting photo shoots


Enjoy taking pictures inside the shop as well, with a collection of props like samurai-style swords, Japanese umbrellas, and more.

Stroll around Matsushima Town


One of the three most scenic spots in Japan, Matsushima is a Michelin Guide 3-star (highly recommended) destination, and is a must-see for anyone traveling to Japan. Enjoying such a wonderful location is even more exciting when strolling around town in a kimono. Take in the traditional buildings and the natural beauty of Matsushima Bay.
Kimono rentals with dressing assistance are 5,000 yen for one day. Summer yukatas in July and August are 4,000 yen.

Bridal Photography and Kimono Rentals in Sendai


How about having bridal photos taken with the beautiful scenery of Matsushima Bay as a backdrop to commemorate your wedding and Japanese vacation? You’ll receive flawless support from a seasoned photographer, hair and makeup stylist, kimono fitting professional, and interpreter/coordinator. Kimono rentals are also available in Sendai with advanced reservations. Feel free to contact with inquiries.


'Ume Luv' is a beautiful shop located a short walk away from Matsushimakaigan station. With a panoramic view of the sea and pier, your breath is taken away as soon as you enter the store, before you even begin to enjoy the experience of the Kimonos it offers. Yume-San is very helpful and caring, both while assisting you in choosing the right Kimono as well as while meticulously helping you put it on. The experience for me was made perfect when I was able to slash out with the Katanas that the shop additionally offered. I'd recommend trying on a Kimono, specifically at Ume Luv, to everyone visiting Matsushima
It was my very first try of wearing Kimono. First of all, i would like to highlight that not only renting Kimono but you can also enjoy the amazing view of Matsushima! Second, you can also have cup of tea and rest while your friends are busy with their turn to try. Third, the most important, the lady who owns the store can speak in English! Thus, please enjoy your visit! I believe you all will love it! Tselmuun. Ch Mongolia

Kimono Dressing

  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Dressing

Program for Experience

Applicable period All year. Closed on Wednesdays
Time required 20mins (kimono dressing)
Business hours

10:00-18:00 ※Return kimonos by 5:00 p.m.

Fees include: Rental fees for kimono and dressing. Fees exclude: -
Preparation in advance: Nothing in particular. Meeting time & place -
Minimum participants count - Booking starting time & deadline By the day before.
Age limit No. Cancellation fees No.
Fees Kimono : 5,000 yen. Yukata ;4,000 yen (July&Aug)
Notes Nothing particular.
Languages available for service
  English Chinese
Korean Thai
Attending to visitors - - - -
Answering calls / faxes - - - -
E-mail corresponding - - - -
Pamphlet - - - -


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Apply for reservation

Please mail to umeluv88@gmail.com